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Dr. Paul Abeyta

Orthopedic Surgeon Specializing in Sports Medicine 

Education & Training

Medical Education

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)


UC Berkeley


UCSF Medical Center


Sports Medicine
Stanford University Hospital
S.O.A.R. Medical Group

Hospital Affiliations

Mills-Peninsula Health Services

Pacific Heights Surgery Center

San Carlos Surgery Center

Medical Affiliations

Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Mills-Peninsula Division
Mills-Peninsula Physician Network

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Community Activities

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)
Team Physician, San Mateo High School
California Orthopaedic Association
UCSF Inman Abbott Alumni Society
Orthopedics Overseas/Health Volunteers Overseas

Personal Interests

Dr. Abeyta is married with three children and enjoys running and basketball.

  • Sports-related Injury Treatments

  • Injuries of the Shoulder, Elbow, Knee, Hip, Hand & Wrist, Foot & Ankle

  • Articular Cartilage Injuries

  • Achilles Tendon Injuries

  • Ankle Sprains

  • Fractures of the Wrist, Elbow, Hip,

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee, Hip, Shoulder

  • Cartilage Injuries of the Shoulder, Elbow & Knee

  • Elbow Injuries

  • Ligament Injuries of the Shoulder, Elbow & Knee

  • Labral Tears

  • ACL Tears

  • Shoulder Conditions

  • Elbow Conditions

  • Rotator Cuff Tears

  • Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee, Elbow & Shoulder

  • ACL Reconstruction

  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery (ACL)

  • Medial Cruciate Ligament Surgery (MCL)

  • Cartilage Transplantation/Regeneration

  • Meniscus Surgery

  • Elbow Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Surgery utilizing the Tenex FAST System

  • Rotator Cuff Surgery

  • Shoulder Instability/Labral Surgery

  • SLAP Repair Surgery

  • Biceps Tendon Surgery

  • Knee Arthroplasty

  • High Tibial Osteotomy

  • Hip Arthroscopy

  • Femoroacetabular Impingement Surgery

  • Fracture Care Surgeries

Dr. Abeyta and Juan Carlos were very complete in taking care of my problem. I feel much more confident!! Wow!! Thank you both!!

I suffered a terrible shoulder injury tearing rotator cuff, labrum, 3 tendons off the labrum and bicep. Dr. Abeyta performed the surgery and put it all back together. He told my sister it was one of the worst cases he had seen in his 12 years of performing surgeries. The accident happened last July, 2019. Since then I rested, went through Physical Therapy and have recovered. I have no pain, and I thank Dr. Abeyta and his office staff for an amazing recovery!!!!

I thought my shoulder was never going to be the same. Within the last month I have gone back to full range of motion and couldn't be happier. Thank you to Dr. Abeyta and his entire team!!!

Dr. Abeyta and his handling of my necessary procedure was easy and fast. Recovery process took a few days to do daily activities. Very pleased with the experience and results!!

Just a great guy and so helpful. He listened and addressed my needs. Just awesome. 5 Stars!! Brian Mote

Surgery went exactly as planned. Super easy and excellent recovery so far. Dr. Abeyta was excellent!! He explained exactly what would happen, clearly and confidently. Very pleased with whole experience. Colette Greene

Very pleased with the outcome, surgery was not as bad as I thought - Dr. Abeyta was very informative of the procedure - nurses and surgical team were very good. Martin Shippe

Excellent service. Explained procedure before surgery.

It was a very short appointment regarding my knee. He checked how it moves, my restraints in PE, etc. I was very pleased. Erynne Balanquit

Excellent, does not waste time. Very straight forward, welcoming and comforting. Martin S.

Upon my first visit with Dr. Abeyta he found the issues with my shoulder. This was before the x-rays and MRI which confirmed his opinion. The surgery went well and the post-surgery appointment did also. He is very caring and thorough.

I had issues with my patella dislocating regularly since I was a kid. Dr. Abeyta did everything he could to permanently fix my knee. The procedure went well and had no hiccups with recovery. Richard Castro

Dramatic shoulder/rotator cuff injury - Dr. Abeyta has been up front and honest about my conditions which had complications. I feel we are on the right path as am taking PT under his advise post surgery. I admire his professionalism and confidence. William Behmore

Great doctor!!! Michael Lee

Dr. Abeyta was recommended by a teammate from soccer who had an ACL surgery done by Dr. Abeyta. I had a flawless meniscus surgery and very pleased. Sam Steeling

I had a great experience as far as surgeries go. Friendly nurses and Dr. Abeyta took good care of me before and after surgery. Michelle Keen

Had microscopic surgery on left knee. Dr. Abeyta did an excellent job on my left knee. Pain at night but doing the daily exercises proved to prevent my muscles from getting too stiff. Great doctor. Diana Zuniga

I had the subchondroplasty procedure done on my left knee. I was very anxious the day of the procedure and Dr. Abeyta and hospital staff were very considerate of. my feelings. They kept me informed of everything they were doing. The procedure went quite smoothly and I was happy to return home several hours later. I was very pleased with the entire experience. Diane Smith

The staff always makes it easy to schedule and see Dr. Abeyta. Dr. Abeyta did a good repair and the Nurse Practitioner's were great. The star of the office is Michele who took care of paperwork and gave great personal care. Thank you to all. Paul

Dr. Abeyta is an excellent doctor. Jingmung Li

ACL reconstructive and meniscus surgery with Dr. Abeyta was great. Everything went smoothly and the facility staff was very helpful to make me comfortable and at ease. Thank you. M Smith

100 % satisfied. All staff were professional in their conduct. Thank you everyone!!

Excellent experience was amazed how easy the process was. Thank you!!! Jack Guyna

Great care. Wonderful Doctor and caring staff. Lynda Bau

Great experience, Dr. Abeyta really tries to put you at ease before surgery and is very clear about what to expect and what will be done. Prep nurses were also wonderful and also Dr. McKenzie the anesthesiologist. Post was also great. A+ experience. Thank you Dr. Abeyta. Stephanie Lam

Excellent experience with everything that went on. Operation and planning prior to surgery went v very well. Followup and appointments made me feel very comfortable and that I was doing the right thing!! Thank you Dr. Abeyta - Levan Devy

Has been a very positive experience with Dr. Abeyta and his staff are exceptional. Linda Bakon

Dr. Abeyta has always been very upfront and to the point - mostly good things for me. I appreciate knowing all the details regarding my surgery outcomes and being given all the details up front. Dr. Abeyta has been great to work with!! Staff are always exceptional, kind and welcoming!!

Dr. Abeyta is very professional and extremely nice. As well as the front desk staff. Jeff, the cast professional is great to work with and very friendly. The whole team is awesome!!

All is good and very happy with Dr. Abeyta. Renata Panattori

Procedure went smoothly so far and still evaluating. Great experience. James Totoriti

Great visit with Dr. Abeyta. Corizone shots. Also surgery - very successful. Explained everything and is a great doctor!! Matt Hoppe

It was pleasant and everyone in the reception department are really professional and cordial. M. George

I found Dr. Abeyta not only to be a wonderful surgeon, but also very easy to communicate with. I believe my speedy recovery from rotator cuff surgery was due to his skills as an Orthopedic surgeon. They also have a great staff. Diana Piana

I've not had to see Dr. Abeyta for anything too serious - sprained ankles/banged up foot. I like that both he and Dr. Kim don't rush you out of the office and will take time to answer questions. I find the staff have all been great to work with. Lori Quinn

This is my pre-op visit - my 1st visit with Dr. Abeyta to determine course of treatment was exceptional. he was considerate, available to talk about my concerns, etc. I have already recommended him to others - Hi is approachable and professional. Cheryl F.

Dr. Abeyta is very knowledgeable, listen to his patients and really helped me obtain my personal goals while still providing the care I needed. JE

Dr. Abeyta is friendly and very professional in interacting with his patients. he is very knowledgeable and is willing to answer questions regarding the procedure being performed. He makes one feel at ease.

My experience was great with Dr. Abeyta. He is one of the best doctors I have seen and he helped me a lot with my treatment. He takes very good care of his patients. Steve G.

My experience has been great!! Dr. Abeyta is great!! Camryn

This was my first visit with Dr. Abeyta and I found him to be pleasant and courteous. Took Time to explain what my problem could be. Shirley Robinson

Very friendly and easy to work with. Understands the situation. The treatments haven't always been totally successful but all those options were explained ahead of time. No complaints!! Great physician - Jim Kelly

Dr/ Abeya is very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining procedures. He lets you know everything you need to know and answers all questions. His staff is also good, nice and efficient. Overall experience was made as easy as possible. Justin

Dr. Abeyta provides excellent service - very attentive, friendly and informative - from Elena at the front desk to Michelle, Dr. Abeyta's nurse and Dr. Abeyta. Susan T.

Our experience is 100% great from the ER service to your team at the orthopedic department. I am happy to say I am happy to be hear. Freddy Orellana II

Dr. Abeyta is a nice and insightful healthcare provider. My only issue was when scheduling appointments, I would be delayed sometimes and at times he is unavailable. Other than that, I am very pleased with his services.

Dr. Abeyta did my left knee total replacement. This visit is my 6 month follow up post surgery. I can n to say enough about the services and excellent care I received from Dr. Abeyta and his staff. Bin Du

Dr. Abeyta is a great surgeon. James Makersights

I have had 2 surgery with Dr. Abeyta. Very Happy!! Bob Yeats

I tore my ACL playing volleyball in October. After that, I thought what if I never play sports competitively? Thankfully with the help of Dr. Abeyta and his team, they reconstructed my ACL and now I will be going back to sports because of their amazing work. Brianna Wraa

I had a great experience with Dr. Abeyta. I would highly recommend him and his great care. L. Girardi

Dr. Abeyta listens - I value his expert opinion and diagnosis. Very trustworthy. Very knowledgeable and seems to keep up with current medical orthopedics issues.

Dr. Abeyta is gentle and listens always. He is a caring doctor. Marilyn Burton

Dr. Abeyta is thorough and very competent. Would highly recommend his care. Chang Ho

Thank you so much for the care you provided to Ali when she had her surgery. Your care and compassion was outstanding and greatly appreciated!! Sarah Haly (mom of Ali Haly)

Personal thank you to everyone involved with my left shoulder surgery. Sincerely and very thanks for everyone's help. Ernest (and Peggy) Hintz

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for my two great new knees. Having them successfully replaced has really made a difference in my quality of life. No more pain!! I just returned home from a great trip in Italy - lots of walking up and down stairs and one cobblestones as well as a 5-day bike ride in Tuscany. Through it all the knees were completely up to the task. I appreciate your efforts as well as the help and support of the staff in your office. Thanks!!! Cathy Carroll

Just a note to say "thank you" so much for being such a great doctor. My hip pain is improving daily. I have improved my life. Valerie Patten

Thanks. You and your staff are the best.

Dr. Abeyta and his staff always do a great job taking care of our family.

I think Dr. Abeyta is the best and most caring surgeon I've ever known. He deserves more than five stars.

Nothing but good things to say. Great service and care.

Dr. Abeyta seems very, knowledgeable and is very nice, as well.

Very friendly and professional the whole office

Very thoughtful and honest doctor with sincere recommendations.

Amazing doctor! Great 2 work with too!

Dr. Abeyta has always been available. Always very current with new techniques and explain all option.

Great surgeon. Had rotator cuff surgery and injury was worse than we thought. I am recovering with more mobility and less pain than others have in my position. Also, heard comments by my PT that my operation and scarring was done well.

I thank Dr. Abeyta for not only doing great job with surgery also with post-op.

Stellar performance!

He's a wonderful attentive doctor. The best.

Listens to everything you have to say. Genuinely cares for what you have to say and what your feeling.

“I believe that excellent outcomes can be achieved with clear communication and treatment plans that are tailored to the individual needs of the patient. I emphasize injury prevention and utilize a multidisciplinary team which includes highly trained physical therapists. Careful diagnostic evaluation, compassionate care, and application of current medical information and surgical technique are all important for returning patients to their pre-injury level of activity.”